Building Bridges

The Innovation Region Mittweida (IRM) wants to take the next consistent step towards a new togetherness with hosting The Human Conference.

The initiators City, University and Volksbank Mittweida invite you to start a new era: We want to bring tradition and innovation as well as people and technology closer to each other.

Partakers have the chance to actively be involved and steer the focus of the discussions and overall outcome of the conference.

People from different professional and cultural backgrounds enrich our deliberations; there is a strong will to learn from each other. People are the focus. Especially people, who like to take responsibility for actively shaping the digital transformation. People, who do not merely want to be users of the ongoing technical progress.

Hence, the participants are much more than “just” participants. They and their personal stories are the center of our event. We encourage active involvement of our guests. We offer an innovative program free of repetitive speeches.

The Human Conference offers themes, interactions and interpretations for people from people.

The goal is to develop strong and clear ideas on how to cooperate and embrace future challenges jointly.

We want to build bridges together!

Burkhard Balz

Board Member of the German Bundesbank

"Digitalization only develops advantages when people cooperate. Hence, it is important that Mittweida as an innovation region

    Dr. Mart Laanemäe

    Ambassador of the Estonian Embassy in Germany

    "What came first, digitalization or innovation? Formerly you would have said that innovation led to digitalization. Today, ho

      Michael Kretschmer

      Prime Minister of Saxony

      "Our goal is to establish a pulsating network of digital lifelines, which connects the people of Saxony in their private as w


        The Arrival
        (March 26, 2019)

        Meet old and new friends from around the world when we welcome representatives from our twin cities, new cooperation
        partners, local experts and surprise guests. We will be meeting in Lichtenwalde Castle – a stunning fairytale castle…

        The Debate
        (March 27, 2019)

        “How do we like to use technology – or not?” This will be the guiding question of the day. We want to listen to each
        other, do some deep dives, stroll through our scenic landscapes and even find out what the Minister President of Saxony thinks.


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