Burkhard Balz

Board Member of the German Bundesbank

"Digitalization only develops advantages when people cooperate. Hence, it is important that Mittweida as an innovation region focuses on working together with others also looking beyond local development."

    Dr. Mart Laanemäe

    Ambassador of the Estonian Embassy in Germany

    "What came first, digitalization or innovation? Formerly you would have said that innovation led to digitalization. Today, however, digitalization often drives innovation due to people, who see the opportunities digitalization creates.”

      Michael Kretschmer

      Prime Minister of Saxony

      "Our goal is to establish a pulsating network of digital lifelines, which connects the people of Saxony in their private as well as professional lives, in cities as well as in urban areas, regionally and internationally." (Photo by: Pawel Sosnowski)

        Prof. Dr. rer. oec. Volker Tolkmitt

        Hochschule Mittweida

        "It's nice to work at a university that is rooted in the region and helps to shape the region. The conference is a great opportunity to share our understanding of innovation and building bridges; It is a great opportunity to be inspired."

          Thomas Schneider

          Founder & Managing Director Taylored Cooperation Management OÜ

          In 2002 he was hired as head of office in the German Bundestag. Later in 2010 he joined Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. (KAS) as head of the KAS "EU-Russia dialogue" and representative to Estonia with offices in St. Petersburg and Tallinn. In 2015 he founded Taylored Cooperation Management continuing building bridges towards Germany and giving support out of a wide network of trusted fellows.

            Taavi Einaste

            Partner & Managing Director Nortal Deutschland GmbH

            Taavi has been a partner and managing director of Nortal Deutschland GmbH since 2012. Thanks to his involvement in numerous projects in the public sector, including the Estonian Health Agenda 2020, the Health File in Estonia and the National Patient Records System in Lithuania, he has many years of experience as an expert on technology strategies.

              Prof. Dr. Christoph Meyer

              Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

              "Data moves faster than people. Faster and faster. Whoever moves gets in touch. Digitalization creates only previously imagined possibilities for human development. The compulsion to new freedom - who reigns in all this - and who takes care that the human aspect does not get lost?"

                Prof. Dr. Dirk Labudde

                Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

                "We want to build bridges! The Human Conference - wants to build bridges. Yes, connect bridges. Often you don't have to build them, they are there, but you can't see them. Sometimes it helps to steer the eye in the right direction. I think here is the basic idea of ​​the Human Conference the deciding factor. A network of experts from different areas is the cornerstone of innovation. But that requires a common language or good translators. "

                  Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Thomas Villmann

                  Director of the Saxony Institute for Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning (SICIM) at University Mittweida

                  "Machine Learning as an essential part of modern AI-systems is one of the key ingredients of the technological progress in the 21st century. The SICIM from the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida is a scientific pacesetter and partner for cooperation regarding machine learning projects in industry, economics and research. Scientists from the institute develop machine learning models and their application since more than 10 years and teach respective knowledge for students. Thus, the AI-expertise in Mittweida provides international excellence and innovation."

                    Martin Klöden

                    Fraunhofer LernLab Cybersecurity

                    „The increasing digitization of society and economy we build digital bridges from person to person and even from company to company. In the area of IT security, however, we still talk about walls, especially in this area, bridges of exchange of experience and open discussion and analysis are more important than ever.“

                      Markus Straßburg

                      Fraunhofer LernLab Cybersecurity

                      „The world of computer science has always been fast changing, so that bridges instead of walls were needed to keep up with the times. Digitization will carry this change from the technical context into society with increasing speed. Only together can we address these changes and create a cyber-hygiene that makes us immune to digital pathogens and transmitters. Let us build a digital future together where security and freedom go hand in hand.“

                        Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg

                        GetYourWings gGmbH

                        "In a vibrant time with ever faster updates, increasing information and offers, we are asked to make the best of digitalization for us humans and our world. It is up to us to shape digitization and build networks - for a human resource-oriented future."

                          Martin Jasper

                          Jasper Architects

                          "Co-Living & Working Concepts are the most exciting new bridges of our times. Instead of walking alone we now truly start to understand the meaning of cooperation on a daily basis."

                            Prof. Dr. Detlev Müller

                            CEO of IMM electronics GmbH

                            „Our global worlds always consist of local building blocks. Jointly these individual puzzles - each with their own individual species – establish a network and compose the overall picture. The way we interact with each other in this network will help us to better understand the relationships and to recognize the total image.”

                              Daniel Gasteiger

                              Founder & Chief Executive Officer – PROCIVIS AG

                              "New technologies like Blockchain allow to build a whole new relationship of trust with the citizen. Democracy and society can be put on a new "trust basis" and further developed for the 21st century."

                                Prof. Dr. Wilfried Mödinger

                                Institute of Sustainable Leadership

                                "The future begins now!"

                                  Stephanie Junghans

                                  CEO of Müllerhof e.V.

                                  "Many small people in many small places, who take many small steps, can change the face of the world."

                                    Wiebke Koch

                                    Graphic Recording, Coaching & Facilitating

                                    "Friends, colleagues and clients often claim that I'm a bumble bee - cross-pollinating the fields of change to unite what, only at first glance, seems so far apart. Personally, I see my role mainly as one of mobilizing resources, carrying seeds between the worlds of business and civic sector, east and west, so called developed and developing countries, individuality and community. The "Human Conference" is a great opportunity to co-create a pathway for digital transformation to truly serve the Mittweida Innovation region, its people, communities and partners."

                                      Mittweida Mayor Ralf Schreiber

                                      Mittweida Mayor

                                      "In recent decades, there have been technical developments in the IT sector which we would have not have thought possible. This will be the same in the future. The Mittweida region wants to be actively involved in the development of new technologies - "made in Mittweida" - and wants to be a pioneer. For this, networks are important and necessary. These will receive a platform with the conference."

                                        Pat Pillai

                                        CEO at LifeCo UnLtd SA

                                        "A more sustainable, vibrant and just world is wholly dependent on us and what we bring: an enlightened human spirit, progressive policies, impact capital and technology accelerators that work for the greater good. This conference plays a role in shifting us in that direction."

                                          Milena Milicic

                                          PAR Theory Of Two

                                          Milena is a fashion designer with a background in industrial design. She is a founder of Míkke clothing brand and cofounder of PAR sock brand.

                                            Zaklina Mikic

                                            PAR Theory Of Two

                                            Zaklina is an entrepreneur, founder of RUB online shop and cofounder of PAR sock brand.

                                              Dr. Daniel Knapp

                                              thehuman.ai Ltd.

                                              "The augmented human expert is the new school of expertise in a data driven world."

                                                Regina Elisabeth Fasel

                                                Digital Entrepreneur, Communications Orchestrator at THE HUS.institute

                                                "I am a digital native born in Central Europe. Being connected to the internet is part of my everyday life and technology became an extension of myself - I use it for work, personal interconnectedness, entertainment and much more. As this kind of technological innovation has never occurred before in human history, I really believe we have to talk about it and actively shape the way we are dealing with it. THE HUMAN CONFERENCE gives us the chance to do so."

                                                  Prof. Dr. phil. Ludwig Hilmer

                                                  Chancellor of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

                                                  "Mittweida University of Applied Sciences is an ideal place for innovation. It’s a place where we can and should try something new. Our research and development activities are closely linked to industry and to local people. Inventive talent is written in Mittweida genes. We are active shapers of digitalization. Today, digitalization is already helping to build the bridges that unite students, scientists and entrepreneurs around the globe with Mittweida and Saxony. Being the Rector of Mittweida University and co-initiator of The Human Conference, I look forward to new encounters and an exchange of ideas with you. A very warm welcome to Mittweida!"

                                                    Leonhard Zintl

                                                    CEO of the Volksbank Mittweida eG

                                                    "We are co-initiators of the Human Conference and wanted to build bridges. In times of technological transformation, the changes are multi-dimensional. The handling of the actual technologies even moves into the background. The most important thing in the digital world is the human."

                                                      Joe Natoli

                                                      2b AHEAD Ventures GmbH

                                                      "As a Human, I can confidently say that I am excited to participating in the Human Conference. I know that we'll all use our collective human mind powers to come up with great ideas, and leave the world just a little better than yesterday."

                                                        Nonku Nyathi

                                                        Spark Health Africa

                                                        “The gaps I have seen in my country and context when it comes to research, development and innovation are what inspire me to establish relationships and form collaborations with individuals from all over the world who recognize the human mind as a powerful resource that can be used to transform the world we live in into a place where knowledge is accessible, resources are abundant and change is possible for each and every one of us.”

                                                          Christoph Jentzsch

                                                          Founder & CEO - Slock.it

                                                          Christoph Jentzsch originally comes from the field of theoretical physics. In 2014 he started as senior tester at the Ethereum Blockchain project. Since then, he has been one of the world's leading experts in blockchain and smart contracts. Since 2016, he has been working full-time with his brother on the development of practical applications of this technology in his company Slock.it.

                                                            Rudolf Hilti

                                                            Co-Founder & Creative Chairman - THE HUS.institute

                                                            "The Digital Modern is an exponential time of unlimited opportunities offering possible solutions to the world's global problems. Building a bridge between the industrial age and the Digital Modern era is key to pick up the people. The human being is always at the centre of the transformation. Everyone wants change but who is willing to change him-, or herself? Let us start today to create a fruitful momentum for a sustainable future."

                                                              Eva-Maria Kasimir

                                                              Yoga Teacher - Yoga In Harmony Leipzig

                                                              "Yoga is the oldest traditional health philosophy in the world. I am firmly convinced that the millennia-old exercises help us to relax and focus our mind. So we can face the challenges of our time with ease of mind."

                                                                Reza Ghiabi

                                                                Director Oppmakr Institute & TEDxTehran Organizer

                                                                "I am an opportunity maker who believe in a bright future and our ability to build it together. Living in Tehran, I create communities and provide funds, and knowledge to enable digital transformation. I believe human being's raison d’etre is simple —to grow and understand more. Growth is not possible without us being connected. The Human Conference is interesting for me because it focuses on creating bridges and connecting us."

                                                                  Dr. Ramona Kusche

                                                                  Hochschule Mittweida

                                                                  "Mittweida, Volksbank and Hochschule seem to be rather different hosts for a conference. But all institutions are deeply rooted in the region, collaborate tightly and look forward. Therefore, they are the ideal hosts for a Human Conference in which international options for collaboration are actively and responsibly used."

                                                                    Markus Geier

                                                                    Executive Director ComCode GmbH

                                                                    Markus Geier is the founder and CEO of ComCode. As a member of leading committees and associations such as the Munich Security Network and Bayme vbm, he contributes his expertise and experience to the public discussion around securing the digital transformation. He is the initiator of the “Munich Cyber Security Internship Program”, which enables students from the US who are specializing in cyber security and digital forensics to get internships in Munich.

                                                                      Markus Stegfellner

                                                                      WeQ Institute

                                                                      "The planet Earth and we, as human beings, are at our wits’ end. Especially NOW, we need an initiative of the civil society to comprehend a new understanding of economics. I am happy to share my professional experiences and inspirations for a new understanding of economy and innovation during the Human Conference."

                                                                        Dr. Philipp Ramin

                                                                        CEO & Co-Founder Innovationszentrum für Industrie 4.0

                                                                        Dr. Philipp Ramin ist the CEO and founder of the international training, consulting and research company German Innovation Centre for Industrie 4.0 and an expert on building up digital competence througout company structures.

                                                                          Alexander Herzner

                                                                          OTH Amberg-Weiden

                                                                          As a freelancer he is supporting organizations on the path to excellence since 2006. This includes several national and international projects with entrepreneurs and leaders in small and medium sized companies.

                                                                            Dr. Martin Diehl

                                                                            Abteilungsleiter Payment Systems Analyse bei der Deutschen Bundesbank

                                                                            »I very much appreciate participating in The Human Conference. I expect a fruitful exchange with experts and responsible individuals, who cooperate in developing concrete technical chances.«

                                                                              Maria Isabel Palomino

                                                                              COO Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative

                                                                              Isabel has experience in development of technology and innovation based businesses, technology transfer, innovation capacity building in enterprises, and open data related projects.

                                                                                Dr. Florina Speth

                                                                                Senior Researcher 2b AHEAD ThinkTank GmbH -tomorrowing your business-

                                                                                "If I don't see that I'm blind, then I'm blind; but when I see that I am blind, then I see."

                                                                                  Dr. Friedhelm Boschert

                                                                                  Mindful Solutions

                                                                                  "Technology can answer the HOW, humans ever will have to answer the WHY and WHERE to go. Our future needs human qualities like empathy, intuition, creativity, awareness and wisdom. The „Human Conference“ will allow us to reflect about our way to the future from a broad band of perspectives – people, regions, technology. I’m happy to be part of that. Let’s meet, discuss and develop ourselves."