Mindfulness & Innovation

27.03.2019 | 13:00 – 14:00 | Different Locations

Mindfulness as a new skill in the digital age - Mr. Dr. Friedhelm Boschert

Digital age is characterized by virtuality, agility, complexity and thread of information overload. The sucess of the digital transformation depends on how we are able to adapt to the fast changing environment. Skills like intuition, having overview, improvising, empathic, understanding, awareness and wisdom are getting to center of leadership abilities and organisation culture. In the workshop you learn with practicial experiences about the concept of mindfulness and how it will make your work and life smarter. Learn how to apply mindfulness in your daily work life and in your organisation. To manage the digital age and to drive the change and not to be driven by it.




From Homan to Human - Mr. Prof. Dr. Wilfried Mödinger

Digitization and globalization are causes of change that a single person – whether as a consultant, professor, CEO, politician, etc. – can not solve. So why not together? Prof. Dr. Wilfried Mödinger has developed the program “Leading the Future”. The participants self-organized on a “human-to-human level” solve the challenges the future poses to them. Together, they recognize their possibilities by implementing self-organized mutual coaching. Because the future is not yesterday or tomorrow, but today!




360° - Mittweida from above - Mrs. Helga Hösel (Türmerin)

In these active 60 minutes, urban history is associated with movement. Let’s climb the steeple of the town church „Unser Lieben Frauen“ together with the “Türmerin”. After a total of 166 steps, the climb is rewarded with a free panoramic view over the beautiful old town. In good weather you can see “Augustusburg.

Meeting: 12:45 in front of the town hall

"Yoga to go" - Healthy through Everyday Work - Mrs. Eva Maria Kasimir

In our one-hour workshop, we focus on exercises that work well in an office environment. We focus on our shoulders, neck and our back to make those parts of the body strong and supple. Even the eyes are trained, they are exposed to great efforts on the screens. Breath and relaxation exercises complete the lesson and leave you with a smile through the day.

Values-Workshop - Mr. Alexander Herzner

Values create Value
Values are the glue of a society. They belong to the culture and at the same time represent something “desirable”. Everything has a value – is valuable. But what values move us and our company? Do our values fit together? According to which values do You live and according to which values would you like to live? Can a company be more successful if it acts value-oriented?
In this experimental workshop You will develop the following learning objectives: What are values? How do values work?, Own clarification of values, Uncovering values, Reflecting your own values, Experience of the personal basic attitude, Strengthening your authenticity as well as your personality and character, Strategy for orientation towards values for entrepreneurs

Mittweida goes Weconomy - Mr. Markus Stegfellner

How can economy meet the opportunities and challenges of our time in a sustainable, social, innovative and agile way, by acting on the basis of a broad social consensus? In the workshop, Markus Stegfellner will present the vision for such a transformation from “economy” to “weconomy”. The launch event of the Weconomy Initiative took place on December 3rd, 2018 in Berlin. In the meantime, a variety of implementation projects and partnerships are emerging. He reports on the practical experience with the “Wequbator” – an independent term for innovation and business model development characterized by cooperative values ​​and ideas. So to say the counterpoint to the inflationary and often one-sided, capital-driven incubators. Markus Stegfellner introduces how the Innovation Region Mittweida (IRM) can become an actor and co-creator of a Weconomy. During the workshop, you are invited to co-creatively develop the impulse of how the Innovation Region Mittweida (IRM) can become the actor and co-creator of a Weconomy.

Leaving the Ivory Tower

27.03.2019 | 15:00 – 17:00 | Different Locations

Cybersecurity in the LernLab, Digital Forensics - Mr. Markus Straßburg & Mr. Martin Klöden / Mr. Markus Geier

In this one-hour workshop, we will focus on the topic of data in the digital world. What dangers are waiting in the proliferation of digital services and how can we protect ourselves from them? The Fraunhofer Cybersecurity Training Lab presents methods of the cybercriminals and shows how easy attacks can be with just a few data from a company or a person.

Participants will have the opportunity to independently search for information on people or companies and will learn how to check emails for authenticity and integrity with a practical example.

Mittweida University of Applied Science Tour 1 & 2

There will be two university tours covering the same stations. Mittweida University of Applied Sciences has leading competences in research and application of new technologies. We are going to visit different departments such as Media Informatics and Interactive Entertainment, Laser Technology and Machine Learning in order to get a broad overview.

Pathfinder i4.0: Digitale Transformation - Mr. Dr. Philipp Ramin

systematic approach, no blind actionism

The Importance of digital competence building for digital transformation in companies and how to identify the digital Status Quo.

Everybody is talking about digitalization as well as Industry 4.0 and new technologies and applications are challenging us almost every day. So, why is it then still so difficult for many companies to use these applications and the associated processes independently and sustainably? The main reasons are most likely insufficient digital skills of employees and managers. It is therefore essential to develop methods and mechanisms that define the future competence requirements and are also systematically applicable. In addition to the lack of skills, most companies do not even know their digital status quo. In order to implement Industry 4.0 sustainably, a holistic transformation process for the entire company is necessary. A roadmap that also considers non-technological factors is no less important.

Müllerhof - Sociocultural Togetherness & Innovative Progress - Mrs. Stephanie Junghans

The “’Müllerhof”’ in Mittweida was established in 1994 and is a socio-cultural meeting place, which offers a variety of activities for young and old. The selection ranges from calligraphy, yoga and didgeridoo to ceramic, weaving and sewing lessons. Moreover, we offer live concerts, lectures and talks as well as guided walking tours explaining various local herbs and workshops focusing on health topics. A yearly highlight is our international Workcamp. Students from all over the world live at the Müllerhof for two weeks and create a joint construction project. This year we focus on “Female Voices.”

Come and visit “Müllerhof” and get some new inspiration and energy.

System Change - Sustainability in the Age of Digitalisation - Mr. Rudolf Hilti

Rudi Hilti, co-founder of THE from Liechtenstein, takes a look at the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDF) of the United Nations. He then uses digital technology to identify possible innovative approaches in order to reach these goals in a Solution Sprint. In a final review, these ideas are considered and prepared for potential follow-up in the Innovation Region Mittweida.

Interaction in the digital age - twall® as a 'wall of contact' - Mr. Prof. Detlev Müller

Workshop – questions allowed!

  • Presentation of the product story and the functional principle
    Made in Germany, digital interaction and interdisciplinary technology
  • Presentation of the areas of application for Reaction games / Exergaming, Reaction training up to cognitive therapy and rehabilitation therapy use

Workshop – touching allowed!

  • Demonstration of different device classes and combinations
  • Testing the device system under professional supervision

Workshop – curiosity desired!

  • Production tour (virtual and real) with ‘behind the scenes’ of product and process technology
  • (on request) visit of an application center in the immediate vicinity